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Hope you enjoy the game. I was hoping to be able to do a lot more in a week, but I kinda procrastinated so :/

So the idea was that you are in your own game and you can access the code through specific consoles spread throughout the map. Each console then gives you a specific upgrade. It was supposed to like a metroidvania, so the map would open up slowly as you got new upgrades and  parts of the levels themselves would also be created at the consoles. There were going to be 3 different enemy types, + 1 boss. 2 song tracks. Multiple attacks. Small cut-scenes.... :/ .... Animations.... story.... different levels.....

Really had too many ideas.... Will probably keep on working the game after the jam, as it has potential, if I fix the bugs....

Here is a quick sketch of the enemies and their attack

Here is the main character. The sprites are all done, just have to implement them, but for that I have to finish my state machine class first 

Made withGIMP, LMMS, GraphicsGale
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Just download the whole project folder or just the .zip file and when it is done, just click on "Halloween Jam.exe".



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